9 comments on “thoughts on the next chapter

  1. Rebecca on ·

    You’ll be missed — especially by Lina and Lennon who will pay dearly for implying that you’re a better teacher than I am. I’ll miss you too, but at least I’ll have the luxury of calling you whenever I’d like. Maybe I should start selling your phone number to the kids…

    • kika on ·

      hahaha. but didn’t you notice Lina qualified it with “sometimes”

  2. Lulu Martinez on ·

    I totally agree that teaching is more than just a job!
    I had a ton of fun when our classes were pen pals!
    I know whatever you do next with your art and writing, it will lead to great things. You are so talented! The lives you influenced will always be, and I am sure you will do the same in your new line of work 🙂

    • kika on ·

      Yeah that was super cool Lulu…they were so amazed last year. Keep up the good fight teaching and hope you keep winning “TEACHER OF THE YEAR.”

  3. Michaela on ·

    Kudos to you, old friend. Looking forward to seeing where the next chapter leads you. ~ Michaela 🙂

  4. Chris on ·

    If you can see me match me (i’m making a sad face).
    Gan on yersel, Kika! x x

  5. Jessie on ·

    Kika, what a beautiful piece of writing! I feel honored that I was mentioned in this. Love to you, Kika, and the best to you!

  6. So beautiful, Kika! Your next chapter will be at least as inspiring and fulfilling, of that I am sure!