Removing images of my artwork

I'll be slowly removing images from my website, as several AI engines have already been using images without permission or compensation. Please get in touch

Upcoming courses at Ceramic Kingdom

I am happy to share I am back in the wonderful and invigorating field of ceramics! Since March I have been teaching beginning hand building

Art table

At Home Activities

Hi all and welcome to where I would usually post art related updates. I wanted to share some creative activities for children five years and

Upcoming solo exhibition

Preview of artwork for the exhibition in my studio in Berlin My first solo exhibition, Trace Path, will open at periscope - initiative für kunst-


Please stop by the Galerie in the Kurt-Schumacher-Haus, Müllerstraße 163 this coming Wednesday December 6th starting at 19:00 to see my work as part of

Short Film about the Frauenmuseum

I was honored to be interview for a small film about the Frauenmuseum Berlin. The film was shot and edited by the talented Anna Maria