Upcoming courses at Ceramic Kingdom

I am happy to share I am back in the wonderful and invigorating field of ceramics! Since March I have been teaching beginning hand building courses at Ceramic Kingdom in Berlin-Neukölln. Founded by artist and educator Madeline Stillwell in 2017, Ceramic Kingdom is a dynamic studio, providing studio space and kiln firing opportunities for the community. CK hosts resident artists, a working artists program (ceramic artists who give working hours to the studio in exchange for studio space) and members of the community looking to improve and hone their skills with wheel thrown and handbuilt clay. We also fire externally built or glazed work if you need kiln firings (all work is fired to stoneware, Cone 5).

My next hand building class is July 18th and 25th, the first session is building and the second session is glazing. After that the studio will close for the month of August. Get your summer fun in now and follow the link to sign up!

Team building event with students working on handbuilt ceramic portraits of their coworkers.