48 Hours Neukölln : Schatten – Shadow

So happy to participate in 48 Stünden (48 Hours) Neukölln this year. The theme was Schatten (Shadow) and I was in a  group exhibition with seven other artists, six of

reading Critical Landscapes

"In what ways is land, formed over the course of geological time, also contemporary, or formed by the conditions of the present?" Finished Critical Landscapes: Art Space

Pigeons nest in needles

This photo was posted on the Vancouver Vice Superintendent Michelle Davey’s Twitter feed.   Caption : Pigeons spotted making a nest out of #needles in a #DTES SRO

Large drawing in progress

Finally set up a work space where I can make drawings in my favorite size, a meter and a half tall by two meters. Nailed

Frauenmuseum Neujahrsempfang

Happy to announce in October 2016, the Frauenmuseum Berlin e. V. added me as a new member. A professional organization of women artists, the Frauenmuseum

The Making of the Unrealised

On Dec 3, 2016, I had a drawing in the exhibition entitled "The Making of the Unrealised" at Kreuzberg Pavillon, a project space on Naunynstr

Drawings by commission

I'm currently accepting orders for commissioned drawings. This is an ideal way to commemorate a place or object that means a lot to you or

KunstBoulevard exhibition

Thanks to all who visited the group exhibition KunstBoulevard. The drawing featured, Saudi Arabia, is still available for purchase, please contact me via my contact