Frauenmuseum Neujahrsempfang

Happy to announce in October 2016, the Frauenmuseum Berlin e. V. added me as a new member. A professional organization of women artists, the Frauenmuseum exists to support members and non members alike, through exhibitions, talks and actions.  Founded in Berlin the 1990s, the Frauenmuseum has existed since 2007 without a fixed location. In June 2016 it became part of the International Association of Women’s Museums.

My first event as a member took place in January, 2017, at KN: Space for Art in Context.  We held a Neujahrsempfang Exhibition, featuring the works of seventeen members of the Frauenmuseum. I exhibited my first ink drawing of 2017, Plattenbau #4, pictured here, in the black frame. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

fmb invite