Translations: in Context

This July, KN: Space for Art in Context, opened it’s first juried art exhibition.  A diverse group of artists answered our call to address the problem of translation. I was very happy to co-curate this exhibition with Carleen Coulter. The exhibition is up from July 6 through August 5, 2017. Please join us on August 5 for a curator talk and walk through at 11 am.

From Google Translate to the Emotional Translator™ app, data-driven automated translations render instantaneous what was formerly a laborious process of “carrying across” (from the Latin translatio) from one language to another. Such programs remain rife with error and miscommunication, and it is unclear if translation can ever approach theoretical perfection. Participating artists were asked to consider the possibilities and limitations of translation.

This show is part of KN’s  : in Context Exhibition cycle.  The exhibition and event calendar at KN is organized around biannual themes, culminating in juried exhibitions distinguished as : in Context. By grouping performances, artwork, lectures and discussions around a single multiple meaning word, KN: Space for Art in Context acts a laboratory for critical analysis and a space for discourse.

The following artists participated:

Judith BrunnerZoran GeorgievDina KhouriAe Hee LeeAnja MajerBarbara Müller & Josina von der Linden, Birgit Szepanski and Christina Stark