The Making of the Unrealised

On Dec 3, 2016, I had a drawing in the exhibition entitled “The Making of the Unrealised” at Kreuzberg Pavillon, a project space on Naunynstr in Berlin. Kreuzberg Pavillon describes itself thusly: “In 2016 Kreuzberg Pavillon focuses on short term open calls that explore the functional requirements of space and organization of exhibitions. Every week a new open call is launched with a specific condition. There is no longer a selection of professionals / non professionals, everyone who fulfills the requirements may participate. This practice turned the weekly exhibitions into weekly excercises in reference to the idea of what a project space could be today.”

palast installed copy

Palast der Republik Eins, 2015, graphite on paper, 70 cm x 100 cm

The open call for this exhibition included titles of unrealized projects by artists. I submitted the following drawing as a realization of the title “Replaced to be.” The image of the Palast der Republik, a building that was torn down in 2008, is drawn from images I found online. In place of that building, a replica of the Berliner Schloss (destroyed in WWII) is being built, to the chagrin and anger of many Berliners. I’ll let you sort out the irony the center of the German Democratic Republic being torn down, sold in parts to the U.A.E. to build the Burj Khalifa, and being replaced by a replica of Germany’s monarchical past.

Amir Dekel's performance right alongside my drawing.

Amir Dekel’s performance right alongside my drawing.