going back to art school

Wow, it’s been forever since I have updated and LOTS HAPPENED. I spent six weeks in California, and one of the highlights was being able to give an alumni talk where I got my BFA, the school-formerly-known-as-CCAC, now known as California College of the Arts. It was lovely to be in Kim Anno‘s (who is super nice btw) Senior Painting and Drawing Workshop and get to the chance to talk to some art students. Everyone is basically the same as when I graduated except everyone has more tattoos and body piercings. I made the second PowerPoint presentation of my life and everyone should do it at some point because it will make you feel like you’ve accomplished so much. The students were incredibly nice and two even took notes. It was strange to go back through old work and trace practice from little art student to the “grown-up.” Here’s a few of my favorite slides:

My plan for the talk


humble tips