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The end of the year was busy. 2014 looks to be even bigger and better than 2013. Last year I interviewed over 30 bands, let’s see if I can remember them: Waldo & Marsha, Mmmoths, Rover, Low, Bleached, Monophona, Snoffeltoffs, Schultz and Forever, Broken Twin, FIDLAR, Leisure Society, Brasstronauts, The Veils, Saturday Looks Good to Me, Baby In Vain, Point Blank, Big Deal, Henry Rollins, Parquet Courts, BeeDeeGee, Eros & Eschaton, Small Black, Yuck, Anna Calvi, Austra, Savages, Listener, MØ and Nightmares on Wax. I also got to interview the main PR person for Roskilde festival, write a bunch of album and show reviews, and write reflection about the death of Lou Reed. All said, it was a fantastic year for ambitiously armchair rock journalism.


with John Cummings from Mogwai

With Steffi and Nina from Nordic by Nature

With Steffi and Nina from Nordic by Nature

So far this year I’ve talked to John Cummings of Mogwai. At NBHAP I have the pleasure of managing the writers and doing general copy editing and article finessing. We are always looking for contributors so get in touch if you feel like you can take it. Follow my twitter at @kikatroika for links to what I write, and also photos of my adventures on Instagram @kikahasfun.

I also was lucky enough to be interviewed by Steffi and Nina from Nordic by Nature about how a blogger thinks. I think I was more fluid and loquacious toward the end, but you can listen and be the judge. I did mention Eros & Eschaton (awesome shoegaze two piece) being one of my favorite finds from 2013. I had to list three favorite Scandinavian artists, I chose songs by Dinner, Einar Stray and Waldo & Marsha. Please check back here for articles, art projects, grand plans as they happen.

Okay, and to sign off, did you know Neneh Cherry of Buffalo Stance fame has a new album out after a bajillion years and there is a remix by latest producer craze Four Tet?  Check it out on soundcloud. Anyway this had led (as it often does, internet rabbit holes notwithstanding) to me dorking out on Neneh Cherry, who apparently helped produce Massive Attack’s Blue Lines album and also toured in a punk band and was friends with members of the Slits. To top it all off, she’s actually Swedish.
Get in your buffalo stance.